Unitheist Fellowship Symbols Inspirations and Interpretations

WELCOME to the Unitheist Fellowship, an ecumenical, faith-building community. As truth is encompassing, universality of knowledge is a function of enlightenment.

Ours is a construct not to supplant but enrich— that the beliefs we hold, like the more technical aspects of our lives, are ready not only for these tumultuous yet hopeful times but for the unknowable future.

Nor must tradition be abandoned, rather recast in the context of our age, with its wonders of discovery and cosmic modes. Such insights develop principles inherent to all, conducive to unity and peace. 

Unitheism— Belief that ultimate reality is encountered in life and nature, and to the extent truth is known all faiths are one, in cosmic mode expanding to encompass all positive life systems. FAQ

Faith by Reason, a collection of six books addressing long-standing philosophical and spiritual issues, is an ongoing effort. Titles include FaithBeingPurposeSalvorHikues, and Forecasts. Despite the depth of some of the covered topics, liberal [sic] doses of humor are supplied. Available online as developed.

Faith Power, Harnessing Life Energy Everyone has faith, from the theist to the humanist. Use universal faith power to manage challenges, achieve goals, and better your life as well as the lives of those around you.

Happily Ever After is a reflection on paradise and the likelihood of life after death, to be covered in detail in Salvor, the fourth book of Faith by Reason. Salvor is as hard for us to imagine as television would have been for the ancient Romans.

Spiritual Naturalism— Being, Inspiration, and Faith Spiritual naturalism is an accessible ontology that can not only hold up to the challenges of today but inspire hope and wonder without the need to believe in the supernatural, and as a good fit in the larger tent of cosmic unitheism build upon a foundation of universal creative sustenance.

Ultimate Concerns is a selection of thoughts and essays reflecting on life’s greatest issues, by a variety of contributors—

Peace and Religion, by Ian Smith is a science, philosophy, and history-based essay on the part religious dogma plays in issues relating to disharmony between nations versus the unifying potential of advanced spirituality.

The Meaning Of Life, by James Wiles is a brief essay about a very elemental and basic principle of universal faith and unitheism.

Principles of Extropy, by Max More, Ph.D. What is extropy? An essay by a noted transhumanist.