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Human beings by nature want to have the best things in life. They are always in search of avenues that will help them to get the best of health, wealth, happiness and prosperity. But as we grow up in our lives, many of us tend to become negative and inward looking. We get into a shell from where it becomes difficult to extricate ourselves. If you are one of those who is keen on developing your personality for getting the best in your life, then it makes sense to go through this article.

We will review the much talked about an online product by the name 5 Minute Manifestation Course. Those who have used the product believe that it could help to develop one’s personality and also reprogram the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is extremely powerful. Those who have been able to master the subconscious mind have been able to live their dreams whether those are monetary dreams, dreams pertaining to personal lives, health, travel, charity and other such good things of life. In this article, we will review 5 Minute Manifestation and try to find out whether it is a good program or is it just hype than anything else. We are quite confident that the information that we are sharing below will be useful for those who are keen on getting the better of their subconscious minds and achieve fantastic levels of success in their lives.

What Is 5 Minute Manifestation Courses About?

When we look at 5 Minute Manifestation from close quarter we come to know that it is a 3-stage audio system. The program has been designed with the purpose of working in your mind. There are some deeply-entrenched self-beliefs that act as impediments for making full use of our real capabilities mentally and physically. It is a program that helps to create the various negative barriers in the mind. When you spend some time and learn this 5 Minute Manifestation you will be able to plan and achieve all the good things in life and get the right kind of wealth that you wish to attract.

According to many end users, the brain is akin to our computer. As we start using the computer regularly, it is quite possible it could help the users to clean and reframe the self-destructive, ineffective and old thought processes or “software” as they are known in computer parlance. Once these self-limiting and inhibiting programs and thought processes are removed from the sub-conscious mind, it will be possible for us to achieve even the most difficult and perhaps almost impossible tasks and jobs.

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The Author / Aaron Surtees

The program 5 Minute Manifestation has been created by Aaron Surtees. He is a motivator, positive personality development builder and has written many books and programs. Today he is whos-who in the world of personal development and motivational programs and packages.

He was diagnosed with brain cancer in elementary school. Anyway, he didn’t resort to conventional treatments such as radiation or chemotherapy. Eddie’s mother provided him with special music that changed his life for the better.

That was a series of tones that were at a specific frequency that can produce some theta states inside the brain.

5 Minute Manifestation Program

How Does 5 Minute Manifestation Work?

The entire 5 Minute Manifestation Program has been broadly categorized into three major sections. These tracks are Natural State, Your New Story and learning to move towards an abundant way of life. The entire program works when one is able to go from one track to another at own pace and grasp and use the things that have been taught.

  • When you are into the natural state (stage one) of 5 Minute Manifestation, you will be able to get into the basic of motivating and training your subconscious mind. This stage will help the user of the program to open up their minds. The minds will slowly start shifting to the world of unlimited abundance. The track will help you to connect with the subconscious mind and give instructions to it to carry out activities that define our success.
  • The second stage of 5 Minute Manifestation is to unshackle your inner mind and help you to understand the fantastic world of abundance. This is a stage where the brain and mind will be taught to be aware of the new realities. It also will help your subconscious mind to believe the truth of abundance that exists all around us. It also will prepare the ground for gaining the required momentum to move towards your dreams and goals.
  • The third state of 5 Minute Manifestation is about reversing the cycle of scarcity and negativity. It helps you to focus the attention on the new found world of prosperity and abundance. Your subconscious mind is tuned to a state of possibilities that are unlimited

Benefits Of 5 Minute Manifestation

There are a number of benefits and advantages associated with 5 Minute Manifestation. To begin with, it makes us understand that there is something called the subconscious mind. Further, it also helps us to control our subconscious mind and remove doubts that shackle and limit our potentials. Further, this is a program that can give you the benefits just by spending 15 minutes each day.

Advantages & Weakness Of The Program


  • It doesn’t take much time. There is no need to sit for hours and spending 15 minutes a day is enough to get the benefits of 5 Minute Manifestation.
  • It is quite easy to understand. It does not require heavy training or too much hard work. A quiet spot in the home is enough for you to get started with the program. It comes in the shape of an audio CD that can be listened to using headphones.
  • 5 Minute Manifestation is a program that is supported by research. There are brainwaves that help in mastering our thoughts, behaviors, and emotions.
  • There are no side effects.
  • It helps to remove artificially created self-beliefs and restrictions.
  • It comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.


  • 5 Minute Manifestation will work for sure but it will require patience and perseverance.
  • The entire program is available only in a digital format.
  • You need a stable internet connection to be a part of the various sets of sessions.

Customer Review:

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